Fundraising Events, Donations

The Middy - Saint Joseph, MNMeat Raffle at the Middy in St. Joseph, MN

Every Saturday at 3:30 pm

21 West Minnesota Street, Saint Joseph, MN

Proceeds benefit services to victims of Sexual Assault at Central MN Sexual Assault Center

Outingz Coupon Books FOR SALE NOW!

 Buy a coupon book now at Central MN Sexual Assault Center and a portion of the sale goes to provide crisis intervention services to victims of sexual assault. Books cost $25.00 but provide GREAT savings on restaurants, carry out, fun, ice cream, recreation, golf, clothing, movies, floral, retail, specialty services, home improvement, theatre and fine arts, salon/spa services, tanning, dry cleaning, car washes, hotels, automotive services, gas, drinks, groceries, FREE stuff and much more!outingz