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CMSAC is coordinating ‘Advocates for Survivor Accessibility’ or A.S.A. Advisory Group Starting this October 13th 2016 at 12:30 p.m. and We Need Your Help!

The Central MN Sexual Assault Center (CMSAC) is coordinating “Advocates for Survivor Accessibility or A.S.A.” meetings to engage our local 4 county (Stearns, Benton, Sherburne, and Wright Counties) community in a conversation about making sexual assault services more accessible to survivors of sexual assault.

Research tells us that people with disabilities experience violence – including rape and sexual assault – at rates three times higher than people without disabilities (Harrell, 2008-2010).  People with disabilities experience the highest rate of violence compared to other populations yet, have the lowest service utilization according to CMSAC agency statistics.

Many barriers still exist and make it hard for people with disabilities to reach the services they need.  Some of these barriers include – communication, physical, programmatic, and attitudinal among others.  These barriers contribute to higher rates of repeat victimization among people who have a disability (Smith, Harrell, Smith, & Demyan, 2016).

As a local crime victim service provider, CMSAC, Advocates for Survivor Accessibility’, and other local crime victim service providers (i.e. Law Enforcement, County Attorney Offices, Hospitals, Local Courts, and others) are actively working to reduce barriers and improve their capacity to reach and serve survivors who have a disability, but there is still much work to do!

We need your help to improve, inform, and educate the coordination of community crime victim service provider responses to sexual assault of people with disabilities.

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