These symbols can be used to augment communication between survivors of sexual assault who use augmentative or alternative communication and service providers for people with disabilities and providers of sexual assault services.

Augmentative and alternative communication refers to ways, other than speech, that are used to send a message from one person to another.  We all use augmentative communication in the form of facial expressions, gestures, and writing, pointing, nodding, interpreters, sign language, langauge boards, and others.

These symbols could be used for counseling, interviewing, sexuality education, and/or abuse disclosure.

The target audience for these symbols could include people who have a cognitive disability, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, traumatic brain injury, speech disorders, learning disability, and/or mental health diagnoses.

  1.  Communicating in an Emergency
  2.  Crimes
  3. Emotional Abuse
  4. Making A Complaint Disclosure
  5. Making Decisions About Abuse
  6. People
  7. Police
  8. Sexual Abuse
  9. Words About Sex
  10. Words About Sex 2

*Please note, these materials are intended to be for informational reference only.*  

(C) 2006 Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault: Who, What, Where, When: A Symbol Book for Communicating with Sexual Assault Survivors who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication.