1 in 3 women will be a victim of sexual assault in their lifetime.  Acquaintance, date, or childhood sexual abuse composes 80-90% of sexual assault cases.  Sexual assault is defined as being forced into sexual activity that is not your choice.  Force does not have to be used to get compliance from a victim, many offenders will use intimidation, verbal or non-verbal threats, or the use or threat of use of a weapon or injury to the person.  Often, neither person defines the incident as sexual assault.  The offender may believe that, even though he/she used force, sex was desired by the victim.  The offender may believe that they were justified in using force because they believe that the victim was being a tease or a flirt.  The victim may believe that sexual assault involved only stranger assaults.  None of these beliefs ever make sex without a person’s consent okay.  The attachments below talk about healing and recovering if you have been a victim of a sexual assault.

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