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“Not Buying It”

Demand Reduction School

CMSAC Not Buying It Program Intake (printable PDF)

CMSAC – Not Buying It Intake (editable form version)


To reduce commercial sexual exploitation offenses through a psycho-educational class for offenders who have solicited commercial sex.

Philosophy & Outcomes

What are we not buying?

  • We are not buying… into the myths and glamorization of the sex industry
  • We are not buying… into the attitudes and entitlement that support men’s violence against women
  • We are not buying… into the quest for power and control
  • We are not buying… into unhealthy relationships and abusive masculinity
  • We are not buying… into the lies of fulfillment through pornography and exploitive sex
  • We are not buying… into denial and defenses
  • We are not buying… into toxic and disempowering shame
  • We are not buying… or using human beings for sex

Through our program, offenders will:

  • be educated on the realities of the sex industry.
  • hear from survivors about the impact of offenders’ exploitation.
  • understand attitudes, behaviors, and social forces that lay the foundation for abuse and exploitation.
  • learn about addiction, the harms of pornography, health concerns, legal and criminal consequences of solicitation.
  • recognize and interrupt their individual thought and decision-making process to prevent re-offense.

Enrollment Process

  1. Visit cmsac.org/not-buying-it
  2. E-mail completed *NBI Participant Intake* to cmsac@cmsac.org (use subject: NBI Intake)
  3. Call CMSAC during business hours (Monday-Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm) at 320-251-4357 to confirm that we have received your intake and to confirm there is still space for you to enroll in the next class. Your confirmation call will officially register you for the class.

Quick Info (see intake for full  details)

***The next class for NBI set for Saturday, October 28th is CANCELED

  • NBI is an equivalent to other demand reduction programs across the country (also known as “John’s Schools”). NBI is not a diversion program to escape charges.
  • Class cost is $750, payable at the beginning of class, by money order only.
  • If you have need of one, you must arrange your own certified interpreter.

Participant Feedback

“This program was an eye-opener” -NBI participant 

“You never hear about what really happens… the abuse etc. I was impacted by how the women feel about their side of the story it’s horrible” -NBI participant 

“Everything talked about was very helpful. My eyes were opened to many things about our culture and how I fit into it. I was very interested in the story of our rape culture. Now that I understand how I was apart of it and moving forward how I can change it!  … I want to change that by changing minds of people I know.”  -NBI participant 

“I was unaware of the impact totality overall… it showed me the larger picture.” -NBI participant 

To the women he exploited: “I would like to say I never meant to hurt you. I understand I have caused you pain. I will stand up for you from here on.” -NBI participant