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We believe every woman is a woman of worth, because ALL women deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. A woman’s worth is not determined externally- not by appearance, relationships, success, performance, material things, what we do, or what we have done. Through this group, our hope is that every woman feels this way about herself and begins a journey towards healing and discovery of her intrinsic worth. 

W.O.W. is an empowering, female-responsive, and trauma-informed educational group that covers various topics relevant to women who have been commercially sexually exploited. This program first began in August 2015 and is co-facilitated by two CMSAC staff members, one staff who also experienced commercial sexual exploitation.

W.O.W. is one of only three programs specifically designed for sexually-exploited adult* women in the state of MN. W.O.W. is a total of 12 sessions- two individual and ten weekly group sessions typically spanning a three-month time period, totaling 17 hours. We accept both voluntary participants and mandated referrals. Group cycles are based on participant demand.

Women in our program have experienced various forms of exploitation. Some women are/have engaged in exotic dancing, escorting, erotic massage, stripping, prostitution, survival sex, or pornography in both legal and illegal establishments. Some participants have had a pimp/manager/trafficker, some have not. Regardless, most felt they had no other option but to exchange something sexual to survive.

CMSAC uses the Ending the Game curriculum developed by Sowers Education Group.

Educational topics include: healthy relationships, abuse, trauma, destructive beliefs and self defeating thoughts, psychological coercion, self-esteem, shame, gender socialization, impact of media and cultural messaging, exploitation, oppression, coping skills, and recovery.

W.O.W. is held Wednesdays from 2:00-3:30 PM at CMSAC.

15 Riverside Drive NE

St. Cloud, MN 56304

This is a closed group. You will not be able to enter the program after the start date.

*W.O.W. groups are held based on client demand. We currently do not have a group going at this time.*

 Please call us at 320-251-4357 to schedule an intake.

When contacting us to schedule an intake, please state that you are calling about the W.O.W. program.

*Although the WOW program hosted at CMSAC is for adult women, CMSAC offers a shorter adaptation of the WOW program for at-risk adolescent girls. Please contact us if your agency is interested in starting this group (we suggest this group for treatment centers, county agencies, group homes, etc.)

Would you like to put up a W.O.W. flier at your agency, church, university, etc? Download the PDF Women of Worth poster!

What survivors say about W.O.W.

“I learned that I have a lot of controlling people in my life. I also see that I’m moving up on the scale and ready to turn my life around for myself and my daughter. This class is great it really makes you look at the things in your life to change it.”

“I have learned my consent cannot be bribed.”

“I have learned that I deserve better.”

“Great class today. I love having a survivor here that understands what we’ve been through personally.”

“I learned that I have a lot of negativity in my life. And I’m glad I’m able to see it. I have realized that a lot of this has come from my childhood and how I was raised. I’ve learned how to work through these and become a better woman and know my worth.”

“Thank you for not shying away from the hard topics.”

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