Secondary victims of a sexually assaulted child include parents, siblings, and grandparents–whoever loves or cares about that child is affected by the victimization of the child.  As a secondary victim, you are not doubt filled with frustrating and confusing emotions, and you are not alone.  You are not at fault.  The child you love is hurting.  Parents of sexually abused children often report feeling guilt, and shame, believing they failed to protect their child.  But, remember, you did not hurt the child, the offender did.  Not only the victim needs help.  Often times, secondary victims in child sexual abuse cases are parents or grandparents–people who the child must depend on.  You need to address your feelings, so you can be strong for yourself and for the victim.  Don’t feel your emotions are secondary, you have a right to however you feel.  Remember, help is available at Central MN Sexual Assault Center by calling 320-251-4357.  See the attachments below for suggestions of how to talk to your child and other support people about what has happened.

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