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CMSAC is governed by a Board of Directors. Current Board Members Include:

  • Patty Volk
  • Crescent Hoffman
  • Sue Meyer
  • Bill Nelson
  • Tara Lynette
  • Amanda Collins

CMSAC’s Current Staff 
Positions Include:***Are you interested in joining our board? We need you! More info here: CMSAC board member recruitment flyer***

  • Executive Director
  • Director of Client Services
  • Sexual Violence Volunteer Advocate Program Supervisor
  • Office Coordinator
  • Safe Harbor 4 All Grant Project Coordinator
  • Safe Harbor Services Coordinator: W.O.W. and MASE Program Manager
  • Direct Services Staff
  • Forensic Nurse Examiners (FNE)
  • Latinx Outreach Coordinator
  • Male/LGBTQIA+ Outreach Coordinator

Our goals are:

  1. To assist and support individuals who have experienced sexual violence and address the impact and affects on their lives.
  2. To create a safe environment for individuals/communities in order to meet their own self-defined needs. These needs may change as an individual moves from the initial disclosure/discovery through the healing process and/or recovery.