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Sexual assault can happen to anyone, anywhere; regardless of age, ethnicity, economic status, lifestyle, religion, culture, sexual orientation, or gender.

Central MN Sexual Assault Center (CMSAC) is a 24-hour crisis intervention agency providing direct services to people affected by any form of sexual violence.  The Center’s purpose is to offer non-judgmental, confidential, free, direct services to victims of sexual assault, their partners, families, coworkers, and friends.

CMSAC also works to prevent sexual assault in our communities and in society at large by re-defining power to promote equality between all people, non-violence, cooperation, and mutual interdependence.  CMSAC promotes and supports true equality and access to decision-making for all people; inclusion; and consensus and accountability of leadership in order to transform harmful societal norms about sexual violence.


To provide a safe, trauma-informed environment for all ages and genders within our diverse community to heal from their trauma and to impact change in society’s attitudes and institutions that will reduce and ultimately eradicate the incidence of sexual violence.


  • All individuals have the right to accept or refuse sexual contact at their discretion; and no one deserves to be sexually assaulted.
  • Members of each sex have equal ability to control their sexual behavior and are ultimately responsible for their own actions.
  • Sexual assault is a violent crime and is often premeditated.
  • Each victim of sexual assault is a separate person, having distinct and separate needs, and should be treated so.
  • Society’s institutions are responsible for: treating victims of sexual abuse adequately and with respect and dignity; responding to sexual violence; protecting and educating communities; and for the treating of offenders.
  • Each victim of sexual assault is entitled to confidential help and non-judgmental, non-blaming support.