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In November of 1976, a committee of women met at the St. Cloud Area Women’s Center to discuss the problem of rape in the St. Cloud area. These women were concerned about what was happening to friends, family, and other women in their community. Personal experience and research had shown the women that there was a problem and that a need for a crisis center did exist. The group formed the Committee on Rape Victim Support and began to learn more about the subject of rape in order to deal with the problem. The Committee decided to establish a rape crisis center to offer support services for victims of rape and their families, and to inform the public about rape and sexual assault.

In January and March of 1977, a training workshop was held for interested persons and volunteers. While the Committee sought funding for its own facilities and telephones, those of the Women’s Center were used. Donations were solicited from community groups and agencies when speaking engagements were conducted. In the spring of 1977, the Women’s Center was granted CETA Title VI Special Projects funds to establish and maintain a Rape and Sexual Assault Crisis Center. The project officially began June 15, 1977.

Since May 1, of 1980, The Department of Corrections-Minnesota Program has been funded by a grant from the State for Victims of Sexual Assault. We continue to seek additional funding from private foundations as well as solicitation of funds from the 4-county businesses and organizations. The Central MN Sexual Assault Center became incorporated on October 1, 1984, and has since operated as an independent agency with a Board of Directors as its governing body.