*CMSAC provides free and confidential services to all survivors/victims and concerned persons of sexual violence.  If you wish, you may obtain our services anonymously. It is your choice on how much and what identifiable information you feel comfortable providing.*

CMSAC Services Spotlight:

Trauma-informed one-to-one support counseling takes a strengths-based approach to psychoeducation.  Keeping the survivor as the central focus, the therapeutic support that Staff provide empowers clients to regain control over their lives after enduring any form of sexual violence.  Trauma-informed one-to-one support counseling is based on the recognition of sexual violence as a form of trauma.  CMSAC Staff understand that traumatic stress, one’s social and cultural environment, and many other factors can impact a victim/survivor’s short and long-term responses to sexual violence.

In an effort to be trauma-informed, CMSAC Staff use various educational tools to assist victim/survivors in processing emotions and finding alternative solutions to problems.  These tools are designed to support victim/survivors as they heal.  Some of these tools include workbooks, guided imagery, writing, journaling, art, videos, books, articles, worksheets, and other psychoeducational activities.

Topics that may be discussed during trauma-informed one-to-one support counseling include, but are not limited to:

  • Common Feelings after Experiencing Sexual Violence
  • Consent
  • Trauma
  • Self-Esteem/Body Image/Assertiveness
  • Healthy Relationships/Boundaries
  • Co-dependency
  • Coping
  • Flashbacks/Triggers/Nightmares
  • Emotional/Physical Safety Planning
  • Guilt/Shame/Self-Blame

Think you would benefit from our free and confidential services available at CMSAC? 

Simply call (320) 251-4357 and ask to speak with one of our sexual assault advocates. Walk-in’s for services, including support groups, are welcome.