Men Accountable for Sexual Exploitation

Download MASE Intake & Class Info: PDF print version or Editable version

The next date for MASE is FRIDAY, October 30th*, 2020 9a-5p (be there before 9), at St. Cloud Police Department training room (101 11th Ave N, St Cloud, MN 56303) 

MANDATORY mask-wearing at all times. If you have been exposed to someone in the last two weeks that has been exposed to Covid or has tested positive, or you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, DO NOT ATTEND THE CLASS. You can attend the next class instead.

*It is possible that this class could be cancelled based upon an uptick in COVID cases and/or Minnesota Department of Health or CDC recommendations.

Please use discretion before calling our crisis line with further questions. The most updated information regarding dates and cancellations will always be listed on this page. Check back here for updates.

All other class information, times, location, what to bring etc. is listed in the downloadable MASE intake above.



To prevent and reduce all forms of commercial sexual exploitation through an accountability-focused program for men.

Program Outcomes:

Participants will…

  • hear testimonies from local survivors about the impact of men’s sexually-exploitative choices.
  • receive information on the realities of the sex industry, prostitution, pornography, and trafficking.
  • understand the attitudes, behaviors, and social forces that lay the foundation for male violence and abuse.
  • recognize and interrupt their individual decision-making process to prevent further exploitation.
  • receive resources and referrals.

Enrollment Process:

  1. E-mail completed intake (link to PDF and editable version at the top of the page) to (use subject line: MASE Intake )
  2. Call CMSAC during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.) at 320-251-4357 to confirm that we have received your intake and to confirm there is still space for you to enroll in the next class. Parents and partners may not call on behalf of the participant. 
  3. Your confirmation call and down-payment will officially register you for the class.

Other Info (see intake for full  details):

  • This program began development in 2015. The first class was held in March of 2016 under the former name, “Not Buying It.”
  • MASE is an equivalent to other “John Schools”/demand reduction programs across the country. MASE is not intended to be a diversion program to escape criminal charges/convictions.
  • For intakes received starting October 1st, 2020, the total cost to attend MASE is $800 (payable by money order only) and proceeds will fund victim services for survivors of sexual violence and exploitation served at CMSAC.

Participant Feedback:

“This program was an eye-opener.” -MASE participant 

“You never hear about what really happens… the abuse etc. I was impacted by how the women feel about their side of the story it’s horrible.” -MASE participant 

“Everything talked about was very helpful. My eyes were opened to many things about our culture and how I fit into it. I was very interested in the story of our rape culture. Now that I understand how I was apart of it and moving forward how I can change it!  … I want to change that by changing minds of people I know.”  -MASE participant 

“I was unaware of the impact totality overall… it showed me the larger picture.” -MASE participant 

“I don’t have to live by the social norm. I don’t have to degrade women, to be a man I am not a victim, I am the oppressing, regardless of what’s happened in my life there is no reason to degrade anyone.” – MASE participant

“I want to be the person who stands up for anyone’s rights, rather than continuing to exploit them. This makes me want to be a better man.” -MASE participant

“I learned all women live in fear of being raped and made to feel lesser. They are not lesser and shouldn’t be afraid anymore. I want to stop hanging out with people who refer to women as property.” -MASE participant

To the women he exploited: “I understand I have caused you pain. I will stand up for you from here on.” -MASE participant