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Direct Service/Become a Volunteer Sexual Violence Advocate:

  • Volunteering on the crisis line, requires the following:
    • the volunteer must be 18 years of age or older
    • completion of the state mandated 40 hour sexual assault advocacy training
    • sign up for a minimum of 2 crisis line shifts a month
    • attend monthly advocate meetings as part of continuing education
    • a one year commitment
    • Must live in our service area of Benton, Stearns, Wright, and Sherburne Counties

* For more information on becoming a volunteer sexual violence advocate, please click here: https://cmsac.org/volunteer-application/*


  • Planning and implementation of fundraisers in the community on behalf of CMSAC, i.e. pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, restaurant sponsorship nights, bowling nights, fun walks/marathons, etc.

Direct Action Strategies: 

  • Join the planning committee for Central MN’s Take Back the Night event.
  • Volunteer at Central MN’s Take Back the Night event.
  • Distribute flyers to advertise Central MN’s Take Back the Night and other events through CMSAC.
  • Join CMSAC’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) planning committee.
  • Plan your own activity to help CMSAC promote Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April.

Advocacy through Community Education:

  • Collaborate with CMSAC advocates on educating individuals about sexual violence via classroom presentations, psychoeducational groups, and other community opportunities, i.e. girl scout/boy scout troops, boys and girls club, etc.
  • Invite us to train and/or educate your agency, church, school, organization, business, etc. on topics such as our services, sexual assault, healthy relationships, sexual exploitation & trafficking, rape culture, understanding trauma, the harms of porn, and more!
  • Share information that you learned about sexual violence with someone you know-post on social media or have a conversation with a co-worker, classmate, friend, or family member.
  • Follow us on our website, “like” us on CMSAC’s Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter @CMSACStCloud to keep updated on what we are doing. Invite others to like/follow us too!

Other Opportunities:

  • Office work at CMSAC, such as making information packets, filing paperwork, organizing and cleaning.
  • Tabling as a CMSAC Representative at Resource and Health Fairs
  • Donate to CMSAC. For more information on donating, click here: https://cmsac.org/donate/

Activism/Other Service Learning Opportunities

Want to volunteer to make a difference in another way? Consider getting involved in some of the activism or other service learning opportunities listed below.

Voting/Formal Political Activities:

  • Writing letters to the Editor or senator/legislators which address current issues on sexual violence and the need for more victim service funding.

Grass Roots Political Activity/Public Policy Work

  • Volunteer to bring information on CMSAC to community activities/events to raise awareness of the issue of sexual violence in our community.
  • Plan a special awareness activity and/or event around an issue such as date rape drugs, internet safety, sexual harassment, or date/acquaintance sexual assault.

Community Building:

  • Join a group or club that is working to end sexual violence and all other types of violence in the community. Become a Board Member of a nonprofit that works on victim issues.

Socially Responsible Daily Behavior:

  • Plan an educational campaign about sexual consent, sexual harassment, stalking, how to support someone you know who has been victimized, or how to confront someone who is saying degrading things about another person’s gender, sexual identity, etc. Contact work places and ask to present this information at employee meetings or distribute the information a company health fairs, etc.
  • Speak up when you hear others around you tell rape jokes, if you see someone sexually harassing others, or if someone is talking about or is behaving in a way that indicates a plan to sexually assault another individual. *Before speaking up, make sure it is safe to do so.*
  • Create your own! We’re always open to more ideas!

For more information on how to get involved or if you are interested in collaborating with CMSAC in our work to end sexual violence, please contact Andrew at akaehler@cmsac.org.