Young women between the ages of 13-24 years of age are at highest risk of being sexually assaulted. Since this is the period of life when young women begin to date, it is a particularly vulnerable time to become a victim of date rape. As children, we are warned not to talk to strangers. Yet the fact is you are more likely to be sexually assaulted by someone you know like a friend, date, ex-boyfriend, classmate, neighbor, relative, or employer. Acquaintance rape occurs when someone you know uses physical strength, emotional bargaining, intimidation, blackmail, or mind games to force you to have sexual intercourse. If you do not consent to sex and someone has intercourse with you anyway, it is a crime. The following attachments will give additional information on what to do if you have been a victim of a sexual assault.

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  • Acquaintance and Date Rape Myths & Realities View
  • Characteristics of Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships View
  • Common Feelings of Victims Who Have Been S.A. View
  • Dating Precautions and Suggestions View
  • Dating Bill of Rights View
  • Facts About Sexual Assault and AIDS View
  • Feelings Frequently Reported By Rape Victims View
  • Handling the Crisis Stage View
  • Healing Processes in Recovering from Sexual Violence View
  • Info You May Need to Know After a SA -Female View
  • Medical Concerns -Women View
  • Rape Prevention View
  • Suicide Warning Signs View
  • Surviving the Violence -The Process of Healing View
  • Survivor’s Reaction View
  • Things to Look for When Seeking Therapy View
  • Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship View