Our society has long thrived on the idea of strong powerful men who function either as protectors or predators of women and children.  The truth is quite different.  Anybody can be a victim of sexual assault.  Being a victim does not make you less masculine.  The assault is not about your masculinity.  It was about someone else’s aggression.  Being male does not make you invincible to attack.  If there were multiple assailants, weapons, or drugs involved, you certainly cannot be expected to defend yourself.  Males can also be deceived or tricked into entering risky situations, just as females can, that is part of being human.  Think of yourself not as a victim but as a survivor.  Whatever you did to handle the situation was the right thing because you survived.  Also know that you do not have to think of yourself as a towering pillar of strength.  You have needs and emotions that deserve to be expressed.  You do not need to hide behind a mask of machoism and heroic emotional strength.  You have gone through a traumatic experience where you lost a bit of yourself.  You have the right and need to grieve. The following attachments are there to help you heal through all of your thoughts and feelings about what happened.

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