Being a support person to a victim of a sexual assault or abuse is a very important role.  With lot’s of warmth, empathy, caring, and concern, the victim/survivor can being the long process of recovery and healing.  A victim is often very fearful of how others will react.  The victim is afraid of being blamed, rejected, and pressured.  See the attachments below for suggestions of how to be supportive and what to say if your child has been a victim of sexual assault.

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  • A Note to Those Close to Survivors of Sexual Violence View
  • A Special Word to Fathers View
  • Acquaintance and Date Rape Myths and Realities View
  • Common Feelings of Victims Who Have Been S.A. View
  • Crisis Care for Sexual Assault Survivors View
  • Facts About Sexual Assault and AIDS View
  • Healing Processes in Recovering from Sexual Violence View
  • How You Can Help -Child View
  • Info You May Need to Know After a SA -Female view
  • Info You May Need to Know After a SA -Male View
  • Medical Concerns -Male View
  • Medical Concerns -Female View
  • Was I Sexually Abused View
  • What To Say To Others View