CMSAC  strives to offer primary prevention education and informational materials about sexual assault to students and staff in area schools, various community groups, and to professionals associated with these issues. CMSAC also provides services to people or families who may be uncomfortable utilizing local programs due to community size, concerns about confidentiality, or who are from surrounding communities that do not have access to such services.

Available resources include brochures, informational packets, audio cassettes, books, and videos.  Some materials are free, while others may be borrowed from the CMSAC Library.

Books and Videos

  • CMSAC has books and videos that some survivors and secondary survivors have found helpful.  Books/videos are available to read or view at CMSAC, and a trained advocate at CMSAC is always present to answer questions or to speak with you about any issues you may need to process.  If you would like to speak to a trained support counselor for one-to-one support counseling, call 320-251-4357 to set-up an appointment.  All services are free and confidential.

In addition to our general educational resources, CMSAC has compiled a list of helpful resources about sexual violence and working with survivors who have a disability.  Check it out here: Disability Related Sexual Violence Resources List.