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CMSAC’s Fall 2018 Volunteer Advocate Training Begins September 24th!

Looking for a volunteer opportunity? Looking to be a voice for survivors of sexual violence? Look no further, CMSAC’s volunteer sexual assault advocacy training begins September 24th, 2018!

Update!: Our Fall 2018 Volunteer Sexual Assault Advocate Training now has just two Saturdays to attend versus three!

Sign up today by filling out our volunteer application here:

Fall 2018 Advocate Trng Flyer

New MST Survivor Resource!

The Military Family Assistance Centers of Minnesota is available to ALL branches of the military and their family members, regardless of status. All services are confidential and include information and referrals on crisis intervention, financial counseling, DEERS/ID card locations,TriCare, legal information and more. The MN Military Family Assistance Center is open 8:00am to 4:30 pm with after hour support available. For more information, visit our Support Services for MST Survivors and Allies page or call:

Savannah Polzin
FAC Specialist at Camp Ripley Training Center
15000 Hwy 115
Little Falls, MN 56345
(320) 616-3119

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Healing Circle Group CANCELED for 7/12!

Our Healing Circle (Women’s) Support Group is canceled for this evening. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please join us for the next session of this group on Thursday, August 9th at 5:00 pm!!

Healing Circle Flyer

What are Healthy Boundaries?

Healthy Boundaries…

  1. Help us feel comfortable and safe.
  2. Involve using “I feel…” and “I will…” statements.
  3. If a boundary is not listened to, the consequences initially stated in your “I will…” statement are followed through on.
  4. Involve flexible and firm boundaries.
  5. Help protect information that you do not want others to know about.

Although practicing healthy boundaries can be a protective factor against sexual violence, please know that if you are sexually assaulted, it is never your fault. Sexual violence is always the responsibility of the perpetrator.

For more information on healthy boundaries, click: Intact Boundaries- Healthy vs. Unhealthy

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Join Us on Thursday to Play “Survivor.”

We hope you will join us on Thursday (6/21) from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm for our next Concerned Person’s Support Group, here at 15 Riverside Drive NE St Cloud, MN 56304! Our topic will be coping skills and we will be using the pictures below to play our created game called, “Survivor.” Join us to learn more and walk-ins are welcome!

Survivor Game Pieces Picture

June is PTSD Awareness Month!

June is PTSD Awareness Month. Some quick facts about PTSD:
1. PTSD affects survivors of many traumas and is NOT just a result of wartime or military experience. Traumas that cause PTSD include sexual and domestic violence, cyberbullying/bullying, major accidents and deaths.
2. It is more common to freeze during a traumatic event, like a sexual assault.
3. PTSD and trauma affect our perceptions of the world, ourselves, and those around us.

4. Someone with PTSD can experience symptoms that are both visible and invisible to those around them. These symptoms include: hypervigilance, nightmares, flashbacks, distorted perceptions specific to safety, irritability, anxiety, depression, isolation, and avoidance.

5. Someone with PTSD experiences symptoms specific to safety due to a feeling that they are not safe. This is due to the brain’s fear response (i.e. amygdala) being on high alert and working overtime. Triggers, or objects, places, people, and situations that remind someone of the trauma, can set off the amygdala’s fear response.

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June is Pride Month!

To all our community members, allies, and survivors whom identify as LGBTQ+, we wish you a Happy Pride Month this June!

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We Want to Hear from You!

We would love your feedback! CMSAC’s “Contact Us” page allows the community to provide feedback on services, events, and programs in a confidential way. You are also able to remain anonymous by entering name “anonymous” in both fields, just be sure to include an @ symbol in the email field! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Thank You to Zonta St. Cloud!

A special thanks to Zonta St Cloud for your generous donation to CMSAC, which allows us to continue our important work with survivors of sexual violence! And congratulations to the other non-profits honored, including Anna Marie’s Alliance!


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