We are available 24 hours a day by phone or during business hours to offer free and confidential assistance.  The Center provides services to victims and/or survivors of all ages and of all types of sexual abuse and/or assault, and to their partners, friends and family.

  • 24-Hour Crisis Line – The crisis line is covered by staff and trained volunteer advocates who offer support, information & encouragement.
  • Advocacy & Emotional Support – Staff and trained volunteers can offer support and advocacy during medical, law enforcement, and legal procedures, including court procedures.
  • One to One Support Counseling – Staff can meet with people at a variety of locations.
  • Referrals – Medical, legal, counseling and other professional referrals are available.
  • Support Groups – Support groups offer a safe space for people who have been affected by sexual violence to meet, offer encouragement, share resources, and work together on their healing in a group setting. Groups are led by trained facilitators. They are available at different times of the year and at various locations for:
  1. Women – 18 & Older
  2. Adolescents – Students in grades 7-12
  3. Men – 18 & Older
  4. Concerned Persons – Spouses, Partners, Parents, co-workers, family, & friends
  • Resources – Available resources include brochures, books, videos, informational packets and audio cassettes.  Some materials are free and some may be checked out.
  • Educational Programming for communities, schools and organizations – We give presentations for employment settings, religious or spiritual groups, and other groups and organizations.  Presentations are developed to meet the specific needs of the school, class or group.  Education is available for students of all grade levels in schools.  We offer awareness education about general sexual assault, facts, safety issues, date/acquaintance rape, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, sexual harassment, and other relevant topics.
  • Professional Training – The Center offers professional training for educators, social workers, law enforcement officers, medical staff and others who want to increase their awareness, sensitivity, and effectiveness when working with victims/survivors of all types of sexual violence.
  • Free and Confidential Assistance-CMSAC receives funding from a variety of sources to offer services free of charge.

For more information on any of the groups or services provided, you can call during business hours.

Monday – Friday    8:30AM – 4:30PM
320-251-4357  Or  800-237-5090