How Does CMSAC Help Survivors of MST?

If you or someone you know is not sure what to do after experiencing MST, you may want to consider speaking with a civilian sexual assault advocate. CMSAC provides confidential and free services to both survivors who have experienced some form of sexual violence and to those who know or care for a survivor, (i.e., secondary survivors). CMSAC advocates can help survivors to identify their options and provide support after MST has occurred. CMSAC advocates can accompany survivors of MST to the hospital and to local law enforcement centers (if a survivor decides to report to law enforcement after an assault occurs).

The Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center

15 Riverside Drive NE

St. Cloud, MN 56304

(320)251-4357 (24/7 Crisis Line)


Veteran’s Administration (VA) Military Sexual Trauma Counseling Program

A service member who was sexually assaulted may be eligible for MST counseling services at a VA Medical Center under the VA Military Sexual Trauma Counseling Program. The VA Medical Center provides free, confidential treatment to male and female Veterans for mental and physical health conditions related to experiences of Military Sexual Trauma. For more information on the Saint Cloud VA’s MST services and eligibility, please call:

Joy Finkelson, MSW, LICSW

 MST Coordinator at The St. Cloud VA Healthcare System

(320) 252-1670 ext. 6398


For eligibility concerns and/or questions, you may view the VA Medical Center’s Health Care Benefits Overview Book:


Chaplain Services

Any service member has the option to speak with a Chaplain after experiencing a sexual assault or MST. Any communication with a Chaplain is considered privileged, and there are limits regarding what the Chaplain can disclose to other individuals under Military Rules of Evidence (J. Diaz, personal communication, June 14, 2016).


DOD Safe Helpline

In addition to discussing your reporting options, the DOD Safe Helpline also provides sexual assault support for service members (J. Diaz, personal communication, June 14, 2016).

DOD Safe Helpline 1-877-995-5247 or text 55-247

DOD Safe Helpline App

The Safe Helpline app is a mobile application that allows you to easily create a customized self-care plan and to utilize specially designed self-care exercises directly from a smartphone. You can also connect to all of the other Safe Helpline resources, (e.g., telephone helpline, online helpline, responder database, and Safe HelpRoom) directly from the app.

The Safe Helpline app is free and can be found in the Apple and Android App stores (search: DOD Safe Helpline).  For more information on the DOD Safe Helpline app, please click here:

DoD Safe Helpline pic

“PTSD Coach” Phone App

For those service members experiencing PTSD, there is a phone application you can download to help. “PTSD Coach” helps you learn more about how to manage and track symptoms of PTSD. In addition, PTSD Coach will walk you through various exercises designed to help you cope through the different symptoms associated with PTSD. For more information and to download the app, click here:

Online Resources

MaleSurvivor recognizes and respects the diversity of sexual abuse survivors and their supporters. The harm of sexual abuse crosses all lines including those of gender, race, religion, age, nationality, socioeconomic class, and sexual orientation. Through informational programs and services, MaleSurvivor helps the public and the media to recognize and understand males who have been sexually abused and promotes actions we all can take to confront and fight the realities, and destroy the myths, of male sexual abuse.

This foundation provides art therapy services to service members experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and isolation.

Acres for Life is a therapy and wellness center that focuses on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning services, traditional therapy services, and experiential therapy services. Acres for Life lists military service members as a population they serve.