There is still time to sign up for Central MN Sexual Assault Center’s (CMSAC) Spring Volunteer Advocate Training.  The training is a 40-hour commitment that will qualify you to be a support counselor to victims of sexual assault on CMSAC’s 24-hour crisis line.


After completing training, CMSAC asks for a commitment of 2 volunteer shifts per month, which are on-call from your home.  The shifts are overnights and weekends.  CMSAC also requires that you attend a once a month Volunteer Advocate meeting and commit to volunteering for 10-12 months.


Volunteering to help victims of sexual assault is both challenging and rewarding at the same time.  The experience and skills that you gain from working with individuals in crisis will be invaluable to future careers in psychology, social work, human relations, criminal justice, women studies, and many other areas of study.  See the volunteer page on the website for an application!