If you were a victim of child sexual abuse and were older than 24 at the time the Child Victim Act was passed (May 25th, 2013) you have a three year window of opportunity to bring a civil claim forward.  This 3 year window of opportunity ends on May 24th, 2016.

Survivors should consider what they hope to gain from engaging in the civil legal process.  A defendant may not always have financial resources to make a survivor whole, with regard to injury, but other results may be just as satisfying such as legal recognition of the harm done, validation of the survivors claims, and notice of the defendants actions to the community.

The Child Victim Act provides survivors of child sexual abuse an opportunity to seek civil justice in a situation where the criminal statute of limitations has likely run out.

Survivors of child sexual abuse have the option to pursue both criminal and civil actions.  CMSAC advocates are available to help you explore all options.

For more information or referrals on your options to report criminally or civilly please contact us  by calling 320-251-4357 or e-mail us at cmsac@cmsac.org.