DID YOU KNOW: There is a new law for Sexual Assault Victims/Survivors to take civil action. The Center’s interpretation of this law is that a victim/survivor can bring a civil suit with merit towards a human person, organization, association, corporation, limited liability. Includes state and federal institutions if within their immunities. If they are 18 years or older they have six years from the last assault to bring a lawsuit and then they would be time barred. If someone is under the age of 18 they can bring the civil action at any time. If someone is assaulted under the age of 14 they can only bring charges until the age of 24 to bring a lawsuit. Prior to 2013 people who were 24 or older only had the six year window to report and now they have this three year window to report an assault that happened at any age. This three year window is from 2013-2016 and after that they will be time barred to that six year window. They have THIS THREE YEAR WINDOW TO BRING A CIVIL SUIT TIME BARRED PRIOR TO THIS NEW LAW. They would need to be referred to an attorney that specializes in this type of case. If you have any questions or need more clarification please take a look at the Minnesota Statutes: MN Stat. 541.073 or feel free to message us or call us at the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center and we would be happy to help.