Did you know that CMSAC provides services to Military Sexual Trauma (MST) survivors?

If you or someone you know is not sure what to do after experiencing MST, you may want to consider speaking with a civilian sexual assault advocate. CMSAC provides confidential and free services to both survivors who have experienced some form of sexual violence and to those who know or care for a survivor, (i.e., secondary survivors). CMSAC advocates can help survivors to identify their options and provide support after MST has occurred. CMSAC advocates can accompany survivors of MST to the hospital and to local law enforcement centers (if a survivor decides to report to law enforcement after an assault occurs).

Long term care after MST: CMSAC provides one-to-one support counseling for any survivor of MST. Our one-to-one support counseling services provide a place for the MST survivor to process feelings and gain emotional support. Our one-to-one support counseling services also contain an educational component where MST survivors can learn more about reporting and health care options, common feelings after experiencing sexual violence, healthy relationships, and coping skills. CMSAC can also assist the MST survivor in safety planning and filling out and filing for a restraining or protective order.

If you or someone you know experienced Military Sexual Trauma (MST), below is a new resource available to help you on your healing journey, provided by www.safehelpline.org.

For more information on MST resources and information, click here: https://cmsac.org/support-services-for-mst-survivors/