Service Statistics for 2021:

  • In the year of 2021, CMSAC provided 12,111 direct service contacts to a total of 541 individuals. CMSAC saw 441 new cases.
    • 69.3% of services were provided to youth under the age of 18.
  • CMSAC provided 118 trainings to 2,159 students and community members and 4 trainings to 53 multi-disciplinary professionals. These numbers reflect a significant decrease in education directly related to the pandemic.
  • CMSAC responded to 31 Child Advocacy Center cases providing advocacy to children who disclosed sexual abuse and their families.

Hospital Response

  • CMSAC provided both advocacy support and forensic nurse evidence exam response 122 times at areas hospital emergency trauma centers. These include St. Cloud Emergency Trauma Center, Buffalo, Princeton, Monticello, and other emergency trauma Centers within our service area.

Sexual Exploitations/Sex Trafficking Statics 2021

  • In 2021, CMSAC served 37 new individuals and an additionally 11 individuals providing on-going services for individuals who have been trafficked or sexually exploited. Basic essentials were provided for 27 walk-ins.
    • Anyone can be commercially sexually exploited. Examples of CSE include survival sex/rape, prostitution, pornography, escorting, erotic massage, stripping, exotic dancing, burlesque, webcamming, or sugar daddy arrangements. Sex trafficking is any commercial sexual activity where there is a third-party involved (driver, partner, date, friend, “daddy,” relative, trafficker, manager, pimp, etc.) that profits, facilitates, recruits, or aids in the prostitution of another individual.
    • 91% identified as female and 8.11% identified as male.
    • 21.62% knew their assailant and 18.92% was their spouse/partner.
    • 54.05% of the assailants were identified as male and 32.43% were victimized by multiple male identifying assailants. 2.7% identified as female.

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