Service Statistics for 2019 

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In 2019, CMSAC responded to 125 cases at the St. Cloud Hospital, 13 cases at the Buffalo Hospital, 8 cases at the Princeton Hospital, 2 cases at the Monticello Hospital, and 1 case at other hospitals in our four county service area. 

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  • In 2019,  CMSAC provided services during 2,600 direct service contacts to 700 primary and secondary victim survivors of all forms of sexual violence. This was over 4,500 actual service hours provided.
  • 375 direct service contacts were provided to 79 individuals dealing with the trauma of sex trafficking/exploitation. Nearly 600 hours of actual service hours were documented.
  • 2,500 community members participated in prevention/awareness education/training.
  • 5,564 students were provided with prevention/awareness education.
  • 1,100 multi-disciplinary professionals were provided with training.
  • 151 children/youth under 18 were provided primary victim direct services.

CMSAC assisted in 25 cases with a multidisciplinary team at the Child Advocacy Center.

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