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Toys for Tots Program in Full Swing

Looking for gifts this holiday season? Catholic Charities’ Toys for Tots program is in full swing.

Pre-registration is required and ends December 12th. For more information, click on the link here:

Safety Planning During the Holiday Season

Now that it is the holiday season, it’s important for survivors of sexual violence to consider safety planning when attending holiday events that are challenging or uncomfortable.

Sexual violence is often perpetrated by someone the victim knows, like a family member.

For more information on how to safety plan during the holidays, click here:

Family and friends gather for a holiday meal, respecting each other's boundaries.

Thank You Donors!

Thank you to all who made a donation to CMSAC on and ! Your support means so much to the survivors we serve!





Join us This Friday!

We hope you will join us for the next #FirstFridaysatShear event, this Friday December 2nd! The vendor, Bruno  Press will be there. One of our staff members also be present with information, resources, and to answer questions about sexual violence and human trafficking.

We hope to see you there!








Prison Rape

Rape in prison is often joked about in movies and TV.

Help us to end prison rape myths and jokes by educating yourself and others about the devastating effects of prison sexual violence.

Read more:

Children and Gender Roles

Children are surrounded by stereotypes and gender roles from the moment they enter this world. Often times, little girls are discouraged from exhibiting the same behaviors as little boys.

Here are five phrases we need to stop telling our little girls:

Male Survivors

Sexual violence can happen to anyone.

Grace Brown’s “Project Unbreakable” features 27 photos of male survivors of sexual assault:

Enjoy the holiday!

We hope you have a great holiday weekend. If you need us, advocates are available 24/7.You are not alone photo

Congratulations, Advocates!

Congratulations to all of CMSAC’s new volunteer advocates! Thank you for being trauma-informed voices for survivors of sexual assault.

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