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Congratulations W.O.W. participants!

On behalf of CMSAC, we would like to congratulate the participants who graduated from the Women of Worth program on Wednesday 5/25. We wish them our very best and it was a privilege working with them!

W.O.W. is our 12-session psycho-educational group for women who have been commercially sexually exploited or trafficked. Learn more about our program HERE.

Special thanks to the Churches S.A.V.E. group and CMSAC supporters who donated the funds to purchase the graduation gifts pictured below! We ordered custom-engraved bracelets that the women can wear as a reminder of their time here, what they gained, and who they are- WOMEN OF WORTH!


Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting firm boundaries can be a challenge- but healthy boundaries are crucial in order to take care of yourself! Check out this article for some tips!

10 Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries

Worried About Revenge Porn?

If you or someone you know is concerned about non-consensual pornography or “revenge porn” being posted on major social media platforms, this Online Removal Guide might be for you.

In detailed steps you can learn how to take action against non-consensual pornography posts on major social media outlets. You can also find support through CMSAC services or other supportive services if you have been targeted by revenge porn or non-consensual pornography.


You can find the Online Removal Guide and other information about revenge porn Here:


Thank You to Those That Worked on the Revenge Porn Bill!

Thanks to the hard work of Representative John Lesch and of those that called their representatives, the Nonconsensual Dissemination of Private Sexual Images bill (aka Revenge Porn) just passed the Minnesota House unanimously: 128-0! The bill is now on its way to the Governor’s desk for signature. CMSAC would like to express our thanks to all of those individuals that worked hard to support survivors of sexual violence!

Thank you

“It’s On Us” to Stop Sexual Assault

Did you know that CMSAC provides educational presentations to the community, professionals, and students on various topics related to sexual violence?

One of the many topics CMSAC presents on is bystander intervention. Bystander intervention is about intervening when we see something that makes our gut turn, when we see a crime occurring, or if someone is in danger. It’s On Us to stop sexual assault by intervening when we see our friends and/or family members pressuring another to have sex, or if they are trying to have sex with someone who did not and/or cannot consent to sex. What are some ways you can take action to stop sexual assault?

To learn more about the types of presentations CMSAC provides or to schedule a presentation on bystander intervention, please visit our Program and Services tab under Trainings and Education. You can also email us at or call (320) 251-4357.

Its On Us RAINN picture

May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

Sexual violence survivors are:

3 times more likely to suffer from depression

6 times more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder

4 times more likely to contemplate suicide (

Join The Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center and The Beautiful Mind Project end the stigmas surrounding sexual violence and mental health by participating in tomorrow’s Run to Refresh 5k. Proceeds from the 5k will go towards services at CMSAC and The Beautiful Mind Project. We hope to see you there! ‪#‎MHAM2016‬

5k Flyer and Additional Info Photo

CMSAC Provides Services to Sexually Exploited Youth

Did you know that CMSAC is funded through the Minnesota Department of Health to provide supportive services to sexually exploited & trafficked youth in our area?

Safe Harbor Description Post

Deadline for The Child Victim Act Approaching

The deadline to bring a civil claim forward under The Child Victim Act is May 25th!

If you were a victim of child sexual abuse and were older than 24 at the time the Child Victim Act was passed (May 25th, 2013) you have a three year window of opportunity to bring a civil claim forward.

Survivors should consider what they hope to gain from engaging in the civil legal process.  A defendant may not always have financial resources to make a survivor whole, with regard to injury, but other results may be just as satisfying such as legal recognition of the harm done, validation of the survivors claims, and notice of the defendants actions to the community.

The Child Victim Act provides survivors of child sexual abuse an opportunity to seek civil justice in a situation where the criminal statute of limitations has likely run out.

Survivors of child sexual abuse have the option to pursue both criminal and civil actions.  CMSAC advocates are available to help you explore all options.

For more information or referrals on your options to report criminally or civilly please contact us  by calling 320-251-4357 or e-mail us at

Did you know that CMSAC sells t-shirts?

Did you know that CMSAC sells t-shirts year round?

So…if you are trying to decide what to wear to this Saturday’s Run to Refresh 5k and want to show support for CMSAC, we got you covered.

The “I heart consensual sex” t-shirts are $10, all others are $5. For size inquiries and availability, please call (320) 251-4357.


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