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Thank You to Those Who Helped with the Celebration of Healing Event!

CMSAC would like to thank all of the staff, volunteers, and multiple agencies that helped make the first “A Celebration of Healing” event a success!

Please Join Us for the Women’s Support Group Tomorrow!

We hope you can join us tomorrow from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm at 15 Riverside Drive NE St. Cloud, MN 56304 for our next session of the women’s support group! Walk-ins welcome!

Women Support Group Flyer

Want a Chance to Win Tickets to WE Fest?

Shear Dynamics is partnering with the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center to bring awareness to a very serious issue in our community; sexual violence and human trafficking. On the first Tuesday of every month from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, all Shear Dynamics guests receiving a hair service will get a free ultimate conditioning treatment and 20% off retail products. On Tuesday, June 6th, Gig Noonan will be providing live music and guests will have an opportunity to be entered into a drawing to win two VIP tickets to WE Fest. For your chance to win, simply bring a new Shear Dynamics customer or make a $10 donation to the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center. Join us for fun, relaxation, and an opportunity to support a great organization that offers hope and healing. Shear Dynamics exists to be an inspiration because YOU matter. For more information, follow us on Facebook at Shear Dynamics Salon.

#StopTraffickingTuesdays Shear Flyer for June




We Hope You Can Join Us Tomorrow Night for the Concerned Person’s Support Group!

Are you a parent/guardian of a survivor? Has your partner, friend, or family member experienced sexual violence?

We hope you can join us tomorrow at 15 Riverside Drive NE in St. Cloud, MN 56304 from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm as we discuss ways to support those close to us that have experienced sexual violence and learn more about self-care.


Teaching Children Safe/Unsafe/Unwanted Touches

First– Teaching children the proper names of their body parts and their functions is important. This will give children the words to use to properly describe sexual abuse. You can also explain to them there are times these words are okay to use and times they are not. For example, at school it would not be appropriate to say the names of the body parts unless they are speaking to a safe adult.

Second– Teaching children they are “the boss” and in control of their body is also important. If they are uncomfortable with a situation, they are able to say “No” or “Stop.” For example, if they do not want someone to tickle them, they can end the activity. Also, if they do not want to give everyone hugs and kisses, this is okay. Telling someone to stop does not mean they have an “attitude”.  It is them taking control of their body. Explain this to the safe adults around them, too.

Third– Explain there are three types of touches and two types of adults/friends.

Safe Touches– These are touches which keep children clean and healthy. Sometimes these touches can hurt.  For example, taking a splinter out can be painful, but it is to keep the child healthy and to prevent an infection.

Unsafe Touches– These are touches which hurt the child’s feelings or body. Examples are hitting, kicking, shoving, punching, etc. These kinds of touches are not okay, and when the child or someone else says “Stop”, the behavior needs to stop.

Unwanted Touches– These are touches which may be safe, but the child does not want them. It is okay for the child to say “No” to an unwanted touch even if it is from a familiar person. These can also be touches wherein someone bigger, older, or stronger touches the child’s private parts. Explain to the child if they are uncomfortable in any way, they need to tell a safe adult.

Safe Adults/Friends– These are people who the child trusts and who take care of the child. These adults/friends respect the child’s wishes and the rules of the child’s parents. They will not intentionally hurt, scare, or confuse the child. Explain to children if someone touches them in an unsafe or unwanted way, they need to tell a safe adult. Also, explain to children sometimes safe adults can use unsafe/unwanted touches and if this occurs they need to tell another safe adult. Any feeling of uneasiness or of any unsafe/unwanted touches need to be reported to a safe adult.

Unsafe Adults/Friends– These are people who harm a child’s body or feelings in any way. If this happens, or if a child feels uncomfortable around someone, they need to know who their safe adults are. Explain to children that sometimes an unsafe person can act as if they are using safe touches, but this is still not okay, and they need to tell a safe adult.

Fourth– Explain there are two types of secrets.

Safe Secrets– These are secrets which are okay to keep from other people. For example, not telling Mommy or Daddy what present you got for them. A good secret is a secret which would not cause harm to the child or to anyone else.

Unsafe Secrets– These are secrets which are not okay to keep from other people. If a safe/unsafe adult touches the child’s private parts in an unsafe/unwanted way and threatens them to keep it a secret, this is a bad secret. It is okay to tell another safe adult about this secret because it causes harm to the child and to others.

Fifth– Create a safety plan and choose a “safe word” with your children.

By creating a safety plan with your child, you can help to ensure they do not willingly go with a stranger. Play the “What would you do?” game. For example, “What would you do if a stranger came up to you and said ‘Mommy wanted me to pick you up from school and take you home because she is running late.’” Explain to the child how to use a “safe word”, (which would be a word only safe adults know), and to use this word in these situations.” For example, the child could respond with “What is the safe word?” This causes confusion for the unsafe adult, (if the person does not know the safe word), and gives the child time to run and tell a safe adult.

Thank You to the Avon Community Church, MOPS, and Mom’s Next Groups!

We are filled with gratitude today as we send a big thank you to the Avon Community Church, Avon MOPS, and Mom’s Next groups for all of the survivor care bags, gift cards, and bus tokens for the survivors we serve!


S.C.A.R. Dolls Bout Proceeds to go Towards Services Provided at CMSAC!

Come join the Saint Cloud Area Roller (SCAR) Dolls for their final bout of the Home Team Season! The Gargoyle Brigade and the Prowlers each have one win under their belts this season. Which team will be this season’s victors?! Find out on Saturday, May 6th at the St. Cloud River’s Edge Convention Center!

Doors open at 6:00 p.m., and the first whistle blows at 7:00 p.m. The after party will be hosted at D.B. Searles (2nd Floor).

Tickets are $8.00 pre-sale or $12.00 at the door. Children 10 and under get in for free. Pre-sale tickets are available at Granite City Comics & Games, Skatin’ Place, and The Youth Shelter Supply.

A percentage of the profits from this event will be donated to the Central MN Sexual Assault Center.

Scar Dolls Flyer Final

“A Celebration of Healing” Event Tonight!

Don’t forget to join us tonight as we honor survivors and their allies with our “A Celebration of Healing” event to focus on self-care! The Celebration of Healing event will focus on yoga, self-defense, sensory activities, arts and crafts, and more.

The event is free and runs from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Courtyard Marriot’s ballroom, located at 404 W St Germain Street, St Cloud, MN 56301. Light refreshments and opportunities to win door prizes will be available. #SAAM

Survivor's United Appreciation Event Flyer

Thank You!

The staff at CMSAC would like to thank all of the individuals that raised $1400 dollars towards services for survivors during the Here and Now Benefit Dinner! Thank you!

If you missed the event, click here to view an introductory video on sexual exploitation in Central MN.

Thank you

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