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Start By Believing

When a loved one passes away or your car is stolen, there is no shame because people recognize these tragedies are not your fault. Unfortunately, sexual assault often follows a different pattern in which victims are blamed for bringing their assault upon themselves. This has to change.

That’s why End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) designed their Start by Believing campaign. Start by Believing strives to change the way we react and respond to rape and sexual assault in our communities. This campaign seeks to create a positive community response, inform the public, unite allies and supporters, and improve our personal reactions. The goal is to hear out victims of sexual violence and to begin our responses by believing them without a doubt.

Launched in 2011, Start by Believing has now received internationally. Check out each country’s efforts here:

Thank You!

A special thank you to Cabi Fashion, Premier Designs Jewelry, Urban Moose Brewing Company, and Mrs. Minnesota Melissa Brenny for supporting and fundraising for CMSAC at the Fall Fashion Fundraiser. Your work in bringing awareness to the issue of sex trafficking in Central Minnesota is so very important!

Are you a concerned person that is interested in learning about trauma bonds?

Interested in learning about trauma bonds? Do you know someone close to you that is a survivor of sexual violence? Join us tonight at our Concerned Person’s support group tonight from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm!

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A Special Message

To the loved ones of Jacob Wetterling, Alayna Ertl, and all the children in our communities that have experienced sexual violence, abduction, and loss, you are in our thoughts.

If you have questions about how to talk to your children about safety, the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center and the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center are two great resources to help answer your questions.

Sexual assault advocates are available to speak with you 24/7 by calling (320) 251-4357.


It’s #BystanderTipTuesday!

Happy #BystanderTipTuesday! Our third and final way to intervene as a bystander is to distract. Distraction is meant to defuse the situation or calm things down in the moment.

What is an example of distracting?

Blind Eye Poster





CMSAC is Looking for Self-Advocates and Professionals!

CMSAC is looking for self-advocates and interested professionals to begin an Advocates for Survivor Accessibility (ASA) Advisory group to begin conversations on how to make victim services more accessible to survivors with disabilities.

Does this sound like you? If so, give us a call @ 320-251-4357. We cannot wait to hear from you!

For more information, click here:…/


It’s #BystanderTipTuesday!

It’s #BystanderTipTuesday! Last week Sam was faced with a situation where he needed to decide whether to intervene or not. Sam decided to tell Jesse that he thought Jesse’s behavior was not cool and asked him to stop. Jesse ignored Sam. Sam then went and got help from two other people at the party.

Would the situation change if the individuals in this scenario have a disability?

As a bystander intervening, how can Sam advocate for survivors with disabilities?

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What is Accessibility?

What does accessibility mean?

What does it mean for the loved one, client, consumer you work with who has a disability? ASK THEM!

How can these ideas be applied to the sexual violence field to increase service accessibility for survivors who have a disability?

Join the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #SVsurvivoraccess to share your thoughts!

Want to take action? Check out the ASA Advisory Group and learn how to get involved today!

Are You A Self-Advocate? If so, we need your help!

What is a Self-Advocate?

Do these words describe you?

  • passionate about disability awareness
  • informed about disability rights
  • team player
  • advocate/voice for others who have a disability
  • open minded
  • dedicated
  • wants to network and make connections with others
  • many more!

If these words describe you, then we want YOU to be a part of the ‘Advocates for Survivor Accessibility Advisory Group’!

To find out more of how to get started go here: ASA Advisory Group – How to Get Started

How could self-advocates help increase accessibility for survivors of sexual violence who have a disability to navigate “the system”? 

Follow @CMSACStCloud on twitter and use the hashtag #SVsurvivoraccess to tell us how you think survivor accessibility of services could be better!

Check out how you can be a CMSAC Self-Advocate on the A.S.A. Advisory Group today!

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