If your spouse, significant other, or friend, was sexually assaulted, you have been affected, too.  As a secondary victim of a sexual assault, it is important to know how to be supportive and also how to take care of your own feelings.  Whatever feelings you have are justifiable-you have a right to your feelings.  Know that it’s okay for you to need help.  You have been traumatized by what has happened to your loved one.  Getting help will enable you to be strong for your loved one and for yourself.  Below you will find attachments with suggestions of how to be supportive to your loved one.  Remember, Central MN Sexual Assault Center provides free services to secondary victims as well as the victim themselves!  Call 320-251-4357, anytime to speak with a trained advocate.

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  • A How You Can Help – Do’s and Don’ts View
  • A Note to Those Close to Survivors of Sexual Violence View
  • Common Feelings of Victims Who Have Been S.A. View
  • Communicating with the Victim View
  • Crisis Care for Sexual Assault Survivors View
  • Healing Processes in Recovering from Sexual Violence View
  • How You Can Help – Adult View
  • How to Help View
  • Info You May Need to Know After a SA -Female View
  • Info You May Need to Know After a SA -Male View
  • Medical Concerns -Male View
  • Medical Concerns -Female View
  • Overcoming Fears About Sex and Coping With Anger View
  • Significant Others Support View
  • What To Say To Others View