If you have been a victim of a sexual assault, you have the right to make a report to law enforcement where the sexual assault happened. Please know you are never required to make a report to law enforcement. If you would like to talk with an advocate about your rights or options for reporting, please call Central MN Sexual Assault Center’s 24-hour phone line at 320-251-4357.  A Sexual Assault Advocate from CMSAC can accompany you to make a report to law enforcement if the assault happened in CMSAC’s four-county area of Stearns, Benton, Sherburne, or Wright counties (see list of law enforcement agencies below for contact information). *Please know you always have the right to request an advocate be present with you during a report or interview with law enforcement. *


Unrestricted Sexual Assault Examination Kit = Reported to Law Enforcement

  • An “unrestricted sexual assault examination kit” means a kit with a written release form signed by a patient allowing law enforcement to submit the kit to a forensic laboratory. See Release Form.

Restricted Sexual Assault Examination Kit = Reported to Law Enforcement

  • A “restricted sexual assault examination kit” means a kit that does not have a release form signed by Victim comes to hospital and Sexual Assault Examination Kit completed by FNE nurse. See Restricted Report Contact Information Form. 
    • Victim signs a release form
  • Medical staff by law, work with the victim on solutions for payment of any bills received.
  • Restricted ReportingIf an individual is not sure whether to participate in the standard reporting process right now, they can choose to have the medical forensic examination completed and evidence collected anonymously. This gives individuals the opportunity to preserve evidence that is collected at the hospital. The evidence will be preserved. Individuals can still report a crime within statute of limitations even when the physical evidence is not available.
  • Converting to an Unrestricted Report from Restricted Report– If an individual has chosen restricted report, an individual may choose to provide their name and participate in a law enforcement investigation at any time. The issue of statute of limitations is very complex and depends on many factors. Of course, prosecution does become more difficult as time goes on. There may be extenuating circumstances where prosecution can be extended past the nine (9) years, but it is on a case by case basis.

In other words, an individual may speak with law enforcement:

► Before the exam      ► After the exam      ► Any time they are ready to do so

  • If an individual chooses to convert to an unrestricted report from restricted, they can contact CMSAC anytime at 320-251-4357. CMSAC staff will help individuals connect with law enforcement to set up a meeting to make a report and to get evidence out of storage to be processed.
  • Information Only ReportingThere is an option for an individual to file an information only report with Law Enforcement. This would mean they would give the details of their assault to an officer, but the officer would not investigate at that time, if ever, based on that individual’s request.
  • Campus Reporting– Sexual assault is a violation of college and university policies. Check your campus resources or ask your advocate to help you identify resources on your campus and find out who you can report to. If you have also reported to law enforcement, just make sure your campus resource is aware of this, so they can coordinate investigations. According to federal law, you have a right to assistance in rearranging academic, housing, transportation and working situations, when such accommodations are available and requested to shield you from the assailant. Even if the assailant is not a student, some campuses can issue a no trespass warning, offer safety escorts, and provide other safety measures while you are on campus.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Benton County

  • Benton County Sheriff’s Department: 320-968-7201
  • Foley Police Department:  320-968-0800
  • Rice Police Department: 320-393-3280
  • Sartell Police Department:  320-251-8186
  • Sauk Rapids Police Department:  320-251-9451

Sherburne County

  1. Becker Police:  763-261-4300
  2. Big Lake Police: 763-263-2500
  3. Elk River Police: 763-635-1200
  4. Princeton Police: 763-389-4879
  5. Sherburne County Sheriff’s Department: 763-241-2500

Stearns County

  1. Albany Police Department: 320-845-2200
  2. Avon Police Department: 320-356-7575
  3. Belgrade Police Department: 320-254-8282
  4. Cold Spring Police Department: 320-685-8666
  5. Eden Valley Police Department: 320-435-5452
  6. Holdingford Police Department: 320-746-2966
  7. Kimball Police Department: 320-398-2874
  8. Melrose Police Department: 320-256-7211
  9. MN State Highway Patrol:  320-255-4224
  • Paynesville Police Department: 320-243-3434
  • Cloud Police Department: 320-251-1200
  • Joseph Police Department:  320-363-8250
  • Sartell Police Department:  320-251-8186
  • Sauk Centre Police Department:  320-352-2201
  • Stearns County Sheriff’s Department:  320-259-3700
  • Waite Park Police Department:  320-251-3281

Wright County

  1. Annandale Police Department:  320-274-3278
  2. Buffalo Police Department:  763-682-5876
  3. Howard Lake Police Department:  320-543-3111
  4. Wright County Sheriff’s Department:  763-682-1162; serving Albertville/St. Michael, Clearwater, Cokato, Delano, Hanover, Hasty, Maple Lake, Monticello, Montrose, Otsego, Rockford, and South Haven Police Departments.

For questions regarding the prosecution of a sexual assault case, call the County Attorney’s Office in the county where the assault occurred (Central MN counties listed below).

Benton County Attorney’s Office: 

  • 320-968-5182
  • 531 Dewey Street, Foley, MN  56329

Sherburne County Attorney’s Office: 

  • 763-241-2565
  • 13880 Highway 10, Elk River, MN  55330

Stearns County Attorney’s Office: 

  • 320-656-3880
  • 705 Courthouse Square, St. Cloud, MN  56303

Wright County Attorney’s Office:

  • 763-682-7340
  • 10 2nd Street NW, Buffalo, MN  55313