CMSAC offers a wide range of trainings for professionals (social workers, police, probation, youth workers, advocates, educators, therapists, residential staff, treatment centers, etc.) and community education presentations for schools, civic groups, businesses, and faith communities.  In addition, many of our staff are trained on various evidence based curriculum. For a list of trainings available based on a particular curriculum, or to schedule a presentation, please call  320-251-4357!

We commonly present on the following topics:

  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking of Youth and/or Adults
  • Safe Harbor 4 All: A Policy Model to End Sexual Exploitation/Trafficking
  • Healthy Relationships & Abuse
  • Recognizing and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse/Exploitation
  • Sexual Violence Primary Prevention
  • Rape Culture
  • General Sexual Assault & Consent
  • The Harm & Impact of Pornography on Relationships, Sexuality, and Culture
  • Techniques for Working with Survivors
  • Understanding Trauma
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Technology Safety
  • Working with Sexual Assault Survivors in the Medical Setting

If you are looking for a comprehensive, in-depth training on sexual violence, including issues above (and more!), check out our 40-hour Sexual Assault Advocacy Training and volunteer program:

Learn more and apply HERE