Sexual assault can happen to anyone, anywhere, regardless of age, race, economic status, lifestyle, religion, culture, sexual orientation, or gender.

Central MN Sexual Assault Center (CMSAC) is a 24-hour crisis intervention agency providing direct services to those people affected by any form of sexual violence. The Center’s purpose is to offer non-judgmental, confidential, free, direct services to victims of sexual assault, their partners, families, coworkers and friends.  For more information or to speak with an advocate, call the 24 hour phone line at 320-251-4357 or 1-800-237-5090.  For non-crisis calls, call during business hours Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm.  To request more information via e-mail, fill out the Contact Us form on the website.  E-mail requests may not get an immediate response.

In 2013, CMSAC responded to 298 new cases of sexual assault, 107 of the new cases received services at a local hospital:  81-St. Cloud Hospital cases; 14-Buffalo Hospital cases; 5-CentraCare Health-Monticello; 7-Fairview-Northland, Princeton.

CMSAC provided services 2,675 times to victims of sexual assault through contact on the 24-hour crisis phone line, advocacy at hospitals, law enforcement agencies, court hearings, support counseling, support groups, and case management.

CMSAC works to prevent and treat sexual assault in our communities and in society by re-defining power to promote equality between all people, non-violence, cooperation, and mutual interdependence.  CMSAC strives to achieve this through true equality and access to decision making for all people; inclusion and consensus, and accountability of leadership towards the purpose of transforming harmful societal norms about sexual violence.

CMSAC provides:

  • Free and confidential services to people and organizations within Stearns, Benton, Sherburne, and Wright Counties of Central Minnesota.
  • Collaboration with community groups and professional agencies to continue to work toward an increased social awareness of sexual assault through victim centered services that are sensitive to the needs of everyone.
  • Information on crime victim’s rights and options with the focus on healing and recovery.
  • Education and factual information that challenges attitudes and beliefs that make up a rape culture, and ultimately to eradicate sexual violence.


  • That a female or male has the right to accept or refuse sexual contact at his or her discretion; and no one deserves to be sexually assaulted.
  • That each sex has equal ability to control their sexual behavior and that they are ultimately responsible for their own actions.
  • That sexual assault is a violent crime and is often premeditated.
  • That each victim of sexual assault is a separate person having distinct and separate needs and should be treated so.
  • That society’s institutions are responsible to treat the victims of sexual abuse adequately and with respect and dignity.
  • That each victim of sexual assault is entitled to confidential help and non-judgmental, non-blaming support.
  • That society’s institutions responsibility is to respond to problems within society, including protection and education of the community and treatment of the offender.