Did you know that CMSAC provides educational presentations to the community, professionals, and students on various topics related to sexual violence?

One of the many topics CMSAC presents on is bystander intervention. Bystander intervention is about intervening when we see something that makes our gut turn, when we see a crime occurring, or if someone is in danger. It’s On Us to stop sexual assault by intervening when we see our friends and/or family members pressuring another to have sex, or if they are trying to have sex with someone who did not and/or cannot consent to sex. What are some ways you can take action to stop sexual assault?

To learn more about the types of presentations CMSAC provides or to schedule a presentation on bystander intervention, please visit our Program and Services tab under Trainings and Education. You can also email us at cmsac@cmsac.org or call (320) 251-4357.

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